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Innovative New Talent Solution


The workforce of today has high expectations for building a career at the employer of their choice. Many new hires crave a unique experience to help them quickly advance in their career. It is imperative for companies to create competitive and modern talent strategies where they can connect top talent to the growing needs of their business.

To become an industry leader in this space, the very best companies create talent strategies where every choice, every action and every communication matters.

This case study provides an example of how LearningLens Learning and Development specialists designed and supported the development of a one-of-a-kind, multi-million dollar, innovative new talent solution.


In order to attract the best talent, our client needed a complete overhaul of their new employee talent strategy - from streamlining recruitment efforts to creating a modern onboarding experience and offering continuing learning experiences.

They needed a highly experienced partner who could evolve their organizational structure, new employee talent, talent acquisition and onboarding strategies, while working with senior executives in complex parts of business.

The project was very high profile and critical to business success.

Strategy/LL Approach:

LearningLens Consultants designed a cohesive and holistic talent strategy that would send the message to all potential new hires that their new employer would help them explore opportunities available to them, reach their highest potential once hired, and build a long-lasting and rewarding career.

The integrated approach included:

Key Roles included program manager, change managers, communications consultants, instructional designers, eLearning developers, technical writers, process improvement specialists, and event strategists. The approach was customizable per job role and instrumental to retaining and developing talent as they became effective, committed employees.


The final solution resulted in a dynamic talent strategy that addresses the needs of millennials, provides learners real life experiential training, and is best in class. The innovative onboarding experience jumpstarts new hire’s knowledge of the company and industry, helps them excel in the company’s culture, and ensures their proficiency in the company’s systems and processes. New hires are immersed in an interactive and highly educational onsite experience that combines classroom and hands-on sales training. After completing the onsite learning experience, new hires focus their training for six months with a mix of learning activities designed to make them confident and skilled as they perform their job. They come out of the experience as effective, committed employees.

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