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Reimagine online education and learner engagement with Quitch

The mobile learning platform for education, associations and the workplace.

Quitch is a learner-centric, ROI-driven training support solution that engages and motivates employees to advancing skills and knowledge beyond traditional experiences.

LearningLens is excited to be aligned with this forward-leaning organization, and to be able to bring Quitch’s innovative, global technology to the learning and development community.

LearningLens’ focus has always been on the most effective ways to engage learners so companies derive the projected business benefits from training investments. Quitch’s unique gamification of learning delivers on that promise in a fun and meaningful way. Quitch uses spaced learning, provides easy access to content, and makes content engaging – all in effort to combat the dreaded forgetting curve.


Engage. Educate. Retain.

Create your own game
Make learning fun
Promote memory formation
Watch your users learn


Learn. Revise. Play.

Get feedback as you learn
Stay motivated with rewards
Spot gaps in your knowledge
Learn anytime, anywhere

Quitch has proven to be a successful tool for improving retention and boosting learning performance in the corporate sector, professional associations, and educational institutions. It offers mobile real-time access anytime, anywhere, which in turn provides early indications of learners’ successes and opportunities.

LearningLens is committed to supporting and delivering solutions that transcend workplace challenges of the day. COVID-19 has forced us into remote working, but the learning doesn’t have to stop. By partnering with Quitch, we are ever more prepared to support your remote learning needs, now and as the situation evolves. The LearningLens team and our trusted partners are here to support and guide you. Reach out to discuss more.

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