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Global Trade Compliance Implementation


Companies engage in international trade – import and export – to leverage the benefits to their supply chain and organization. Companies with international operations must comply with the trade laws of all countries in which they do business. Trade laws control the movement of goods from one country to another and must be identified with internal processes aligned to provide compliance.

Highly effective companies leverage trade compliance programs to support effective supply chain processes. For US imports, the result is efficient clearance, reduced time for new sourcing opportunities, and duty savings. For US exports, aligning processes with country destination requirements creates efficiencies. This reduces time to new markets, prevents holds ups and fines during customs clearance, and reduces enforcement action risks.

This case study provides an example of how LearningLens Regulatory and Trade Compliance specialists supported the development of an effective global trade compliance program.


The client needed to develop and implement a centralized trade compliance program after acquiring two large companies and several smaller companies. It was imperative for them to partner with business units to effectively support import and export activity.

LearningLens Strategy:

The LearningLens Team created an assessment and gap analysis using internal and external subject matter experts, prioritized projects and developed deliverables based on risk. The overall strategy included project and change management to verify requirements, deliverables, and provide successful implementation of solutions.

Key roles included trade compliance consultant, project and change managers, instructional designers and eLearning developers, and process improvement specialists.


Our team of consultants developed key trade program deliverables, as well as overview and function specific training for trade practitioners. Software solution selection and implementation support was also included in the team’s efforts. Examples of deliverables include:

Consultant Testimonial:

“As the LearningLens primary trade consultant for this project, I believe LearningLens effectively supported this large multi-year program development effort with the right resources for each deliverable. Being able to bring in the right talent to augment the customers staff led to fast solution development and implementation. Our LearningLens staff kept projects going even when the customer’s staff needed to attend to internal work. We took on the specialized work, so that our customer could continue to do their work yet get the required solution in place.”

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