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Why Staff Augmentation?

5 Benefits of Supplementing Your Workforce

Anyone that’s ever worked on a new system implementation, a merger and acquisition, or a downsizing or expansion understands the value of having the right number of resources at the right time, especially when hiring full-time employees isn’t an option or within budget.  There are times when consultants are needed to fill a resource gap on short to medium-term projects.  The following are five business benefits that make staff augmentation worthwhile.

1. Cost Effectiveness:

Why pay for a full-time employee year-round for a six-month project?  In addition to the overhead costs of benefits and taxes, the recruiting and onboarding costs can also be substantial.  With staff augmentation, not only are you only paying for the work you need, exactly when you need it, you’re also eliminating advertising and job posting fees, and administrative costs.  You no longer need to recruit, post and sift through a multitude of applicants to find the specific person you are looking for.

2. Collective Experience:

Consultants provide a host of best practices across various industries and multiple functions (eg, organizational change, project management, learning and development). Many have served multiple Fortune 100 clients in a variety of industries for multiple clients facing similar problems across various sectors.  This enables them to recognize the common elements of effective solutions, applying lessons learned in similar situations. With staff augmentation resources in place, clients have access to the collective experience of an entire team as opposed to being limited to the experience of a single resource.

3. Distinct Skill Sets:

You know exactly what you need.  You need two eLearning developers with experience in Articulate Storyline that have designed modules for electronic health records.  You need a technical writer that has created user manuals for medical devices.  You need a project manager to lead your project team, manage your schedule and budget and communicate effectively with your stakeholders.  Staff augmentation provides just the right skillset, for the specific project that requires resources.

4. Focused and Unbiased Workforce:

Consultants approach tasks with focus and precision, because they can.  Being a short to medium-term resource provides them the opportunity to be removed from most office politics, allowing them to be able to provide objective and direct feedback from an unbiased perspective.  They also bring a fresh set of eyes to projects that may seem overwhelming.  Even everyday, seemingly ordinary observations and insights can add surprising value.

5. Flexibility:

Staff augmentation enables companies to quickly adapt to ever-changing needs.  Resources can be quickly added when the scope of a project expands, allowing companies to respond faster to demands.

How can LearningLens help?

At LearningLens, our services are designed to support the specific needs of our client in the most responsive, useful and cost effective way.  We maintain a pipeline of skilled candidates who are fully screened and vetted, allowing us to quickly provide you the resource you need, exactly when needed.

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